By evolybab

Red Campion

A  sunny sunny again, and warm in the sunshine, everything in the garden is looking fresh and green after a lot of rain.
Haven't done much today although I was up at 7.30am. Started the second online course 'Seeing through Photographs,' again I wonder if it is for me, very in depth and suited to academics, which I am not. However, I am sure I will gain something from the course.
Lovely G was here this afternoon with my delivery of shopping. We sat at a distance in the front garden and shared our week's news...both coping with the restrictions, and both appreciating what we have.
The red campion is a pretty weed/wild flower which appears in the back garden, too nice to pull out....one for Miranda's wildflower challenge.
A curry and a G&T this evening and a good film on TV later, 'The Guernsey and Potato Peel Pie Society'.......the book was good!

Thank you very much for looking in and responding :)

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