On the Road

Today we had an outing! The furthest I've been in the last five weeks. We drove south for 20 minutes, and walked for 2 and a half hours of permitted exercise. We met no one, the only traces of humanity were a couple of folks on horseback checking on stock in a distant field, and a lycra-clad cyclist who nearly took me out as we were crossing the road to get back to the car. My fault, I just didn't expect there to be anyone flying silently down the road.

The track  was once the highway, built 2000 years ago by the Romans as they advanced into Caledonia. You  can see the outline of their marching camp at Pennymuir where we started and the Eildon Hills, where there was a large fort, soon came into view to the North. I bet the legionaries were glad to see the iconic three peaks, and safety, after their long trek over the high moorland of Northumberland. 

It was beautiful up there today, skylarks and curlews singing, lambs beside the path, and black cattle with their calves on the pastures lower down. No cold wind, just sunshine and scudding clouds.

Now I'm really tired. The lack of exercise is beginning to tell. 
Must get out more.

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