Late Easter Bunnies

Easter's long gone as, indeed, are the shoppers,
so shelves are still full of these chocolate hoppers:
foil-wrapped bunnies as sweet as can be
that are offered to shoppers for nothing -- for free!

"Take one for your husband," the assisant advised,
and something-for-nothing's, of course, highly prized.
We kept them to look at for two or three days
till today when we found ourselves ready to graze.

We'd never have bought them (they're too sweet a treat)
but took little persuasion to sit down and eat.
And offers like that don't arise every day,
so "Here's to the bunnies - and Lidl!" we say.

© Celia Warren 2020

Thanks for your stars and comments on my yesterblip. When I emailed pics to my brother he was able to identify the Beautiful Demoiselle (damselfly) and the Brown Silver Line (moth). I do like to be able to give things names!

Lockdown Day 60 for me, self-distancing since 5th March and the onset of my cough, now all but gone.

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