Running Repairs

When I used our Sherpa Utility Garden Cart this morning I found that it was well on the way to becoming derelict, so as it’s Sunday . . .
I thought of the blip after I had carried out bodged emergency remedial repairs - these won’t last long.  I’ll spray the inside with oil or something when the paint is dry.
Why the pretty blue paint?  Well thereby lies a tale.  Yesterday I decided to use the frame from a (very) old home made bogie/dolly that Mrs W’s Dad made centuries ago (well it feels that way), to make a sunshade stand dolly.  To smarten it up I needed some Hammerite paint (or similar).  I happened to have an unopened can of blue in the shed, so that is what got used (see extra - job finished today).  As the can was already started it got used again today on the rusty old cart - pretty isn’t it??
Many thanks to Marlieske for hosting Derelict Sunday

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