Dublin Shooter

By dublinshooter


It's a year since I did the work on the house, including getting people in yet again to sort out the front garden. They came recommended, but turned out to be useless. Their planting scheme was good, and things look good for a while but … their basic instruction was to make good the poorly-laid anti-weed membrane and make things as maintenance-free as possible.

Fail! Within a few months the new membrane became visible among the pebbles and weeds sprouted up around the edges of all the beds and around the base of all the new plants. Getting them to come back and make good their mistakes was a major tussle and they did so with a bad grace. So, fast forward to this year's growing season and what happens? That's right: the weeds returned. Big time.

Okay, so the weather's been good since the pandemic struck and I've actually enjoyed working in the garden most days — but I shouldn't have to spend this amount of time pulling up weeds. Like I say, the basic instruction to the 'landscapers' was to make good the mistakes of the previous people and lay a membrane which would keep things as weed-free as possible.

The dire reality is obvious in the blip. The greenery in the left foreground shows the base of the plants there surrounded by smothering weeds. Rest assured my 'landscapers' did not get a favourable review.

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