Life Savors

By osuzanna

Pole Dancer

Today's temperatures were in the 60's but the day didn't pan out as well as yesterday, as we had intermittent rain and mostly cloudy skies.  Thinking we would have a duplicate of yesterday, I had big plans to go somewhere for photography, but a quick trip to the backyard is all that happened.  This is a male downy woodpecker. 

We received a delightful video yesterday evening of our 6 month old grandson experiencing bubbles blown by his mother for the first time.  The looks of wonder on his little face and then the belly-laughing when they burst is just priceless. It was quite a long video as this went on over and over and each belly laugh is absolutely hysterical.   I have looked at that video at least a dozen times.

I tackled two junk drawers that are "mine" in our master bath this morning.  These are not meant to be junk drawers but have slowly turned into that. and now they have been reclaimed with purpose.  Very satisfying..   

There was a very disturbing story I read this morning that initially put my mood in a tailspin about how many years it may take to.actually develop a vaccine for the coronavirus....if ever.  I just had to compartmentalize that information and proceed with my day and things that I can those junk draws.  The video helped too. 

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