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Finding new things ...

It's not easy, finding new things on Sundays. Even before the monotony of lockdown and constant bad news, Sundays have tended to be fairly structured in the normal way of things: church (now online, but takes only 10 minutes less), coffee with friends (via Whereby), lunch (but no newspaper to accompany it - too much faff), exercise (always a walk, usually shortish), dinner, collapse. 

So today I noticed new things, as opposed to doing them. Indeed, when we went out for a walk we took exactly the same route as we have for the past two days, but looking down on the rocks from the pavement (it's quite a height above the shoreline at this point) I saw a flash of pink, then several flashes, and realised there were clumps of thrift flowers scattered over the wonderful layering of the rocks. So one of these clumps is my extra for today. 

The best encounter of all was with the subject of this blip. It (too furry to ascertain gender) was sitting fluffily on a wall beside the track, staring. It didn't move, except to turn its head slightly, and it didn't make a sound. But I love the way it's staring straight as me as I took its photo, and I love the wonderful abundance of its coat. A friend who saw the photo suggested it was a Maine Coon ...

Our walk ended in great good humour, thanks to this, and continued into a small G&T in the garden, giggling helplessly at the overheard conversation of our neighbours. We often moan about the proximity to neighbours at the back of the house (we live in a crescent, so our house and back garden ...tapers), but this evening we were in tucks.

Not a bad day at all.

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