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Walking the dog

Another strangely packed day, once it got going ... I really ought to try shifting my routine so that I get up an hour or more earlier, but that would mean no longer blipping as midnight approaches. Pilates was exhausting - I don't know if it was just me, or if our teacher was expecting more of us today - and had me gasping for a coffee at the end of the lesson. I made sourdough flatbreads, using up the last of my first and not very successful starter; they turned out a bit of a fiddle because the dough seemed dreadfully wet and sticky, though they tasted good. I also had  time to fit in preparing some hair dye for a sensitivity test, but by the time I'd finished lunch and was thinking of going out I had to remove the two test patches. As always seems to happen with new products, I developed a headache somewhere in behind my eyes, which seemed puffy and irritable; I guess I'll just have to put up with the increasingly parti-coloured nature of my hair till I can get back to my hairdresser. God knows when that'll be ...

The best bit of the day was a walk by the sea. The tide was as far out as I've seen it, and the sun was gleaming on shallow water and wet sand. If you look very closely at the photo, perhaps on a big screen, you'll maybe see the reason for this blip's title: there's a man and a long-haired collie right down at the water's edge. The dog was having a wonderful time.

We walked back along the road bordered by banks of yellow gorse, and the coconut smell drifted over us on the breeze. And we met a couple we know and managed a beautifully distanced chat, which was good. 

And I'm wondering: do any of you, my dear Blippers, use a social media app called Houseparty? My granddaughter induced me to download it, and I found myself playing a trivia quiz with her on the platform this afternoon. Things you do for your grandkids!

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