Life is a Challenge!

By Honeycombebeach


When I was working at my computer yesterday, I had a glass of water by the side of me, which just happened to be in front of a lovely card sent to me by a special Blip friend.  I noticed the patterns through the water and thought it would make a good Blip - so decided to re-do the same scenario and use it as my Blip for today.

The pad on which the glass is standing was sent to me by another lovely friend, whom I met when she used to blip several years ago and the quote on the piece of paper just happened to be there to remind me that we can have “Peace over Panic and Wisdom over Worry”.  The expression was used by a Minister in a church service I was watching, so I wrote it down, but having looked it up, I see there is more to it:  “Peace over Panic, Faith over Fear, Wisdom over Worry.”

I have said before that Mr. HCB and I are not bored, but sometimes, we have “down” days and have anxious thoughts, as I daresay many of you reading this do too, but our faith is carrying us through these difficult and challenging times and we remind each other that this, too, shall pass.

People keep talking about “when things are back to normal” but quite honestly, I don’t see that happening - and we have questioned ourselves as to whether we want things to go back to how they were.  I think most of us have realised that people are far more important than things and I’m sure most of us will value our families and friends even more as the months go by.  

Although I can’t go out and do shopping for people, I can at least encourage them by what I say, so I have rung and spoken to people far more than I would have done, I have sent messages and cards, and of course, they have all contained one of my little wooden hearts - and expressed gratitude to those who have helped us out by doing odd bits of shopping for us.  I have posted encouraging and affirming messages on my Facebook page and have generally tried to be positive and upbeat.  

I spoke to Mr. HCB yesterday about an exercise video that someone had recommended, so this morning, before he went out into the garden, we put it on and did 19 minutes of exercise - it certainly got our heart rate up and we both enjoyed it immensely, so now, even if we don’t go out for a walk today, we will have done some exercise and we plan to do this every morning.

Let’s all resolve to come out of all this much stronger and better people - and for those who are struggling, let’s make sure they’re not left behind.  Yes, we may all be in the same boat, but we deal with the storm differently, so if someone you know is struggling, why not get alongside them in whatever way you can and give them some of your strength, love and hope.

“With the new day 
     comes new strength 
          and new thoughts.” 
Eleanor Roosevelt

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