Life is a Challenge!

By Honeycombebeach


Mr. HCB and I were up fairly early - well to be honest, he was up much earlier than I, but just after 8 a.m. when I ventured downstairs, we decided to do our exercises again and found it a little easier this morning.  It still got our heart rate going and after walking a mile doing all sorts of exercises on the walk, we felt good.

What we liked about the Lucy Wyndham-Read way of walking is that as well as doing the exercises, she also shows on part of the screen a walk along a path in the countryside so you can almost feel you are outside, you can hear the birds singing but you are doing some quite strenuous exercise on the way.  If you are interested, this is the link.

When we had finished, I decided to go for a walk round the garden to look for something for today's Tiny Tuesday challenge.  Since the rain last week, the garden has come on in leaps and bounds and there are so many beautiful flowers out now, such as clematis, wallflowers, aquilegias, primroses, bluebells, dicentra, borage and geum and there are buds on many others.  

Our wild flower bed is looking good too, so I took lots of shots of the flowers there that we know the bees and other nectar- seeking insects will love.  It was quite difficult though, because the wind was quite strong and blowing the plants around, so I would just get one in focus and the wind would blow!  

However, there are lots of flowers still to bloom too and I was particularly interested in our peonies, as some of them have been moved in the last year and we were anxious to see if they had survived the move.  Most of them have and when I looked at this tiny bud, I could see a lot of ant activity.  I'm not sure what they were doing apart from chasing each other around, but it was interesting watching them and although I had prettier flower shots, these fitted the bill for Tiny Tuesday.  On this very small peony head, I counted at least seven ants and they never stopped running around all the time I was watching.

I had a lovely FaceTime chat with our lovely Blip friend, Heidi and Mr. HCB is now busy doing a jigsaw puzzle - I might look at another exercise video - now I'm "in the groove", I feel quite energised.  

"I think everybody should study ants. 
They have an amazing 
     four-part philosophy; 
          never give up, 
               look ahead, 
                    stay positive 
                         and do all you can."
Jim Rohn

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