I Witness

By KangaZu

Simply ....

... tulips.

I have been wanting to photograph these beautiful tulips while they are still in bloom.  You can see some empty stems where some have fallen off or fallen prey to the squirrels.  

It wasn't until after lunch that I got outside .... not sure why it took me so long because the weather was perfect.  After spending time in the backyard and the deck I sat in the sunroom to read the newspapers. I hadn't read last week's Sunday papers so I had those to read plus today's.  Sitting in the sunroom was lovely ... it's my favorite summertime place to be. 

After supper we went for a walk at Housenick Park .... and even wore shorts for the first time this year!! 

The COVID numbers are a two day total as I didn't post them yesterday.

COVID-19 by the numbers (as of 12:00 PM today 5/03/20):
Positive cases in Pennsylvania  - 49,267* (an increase of 2,296)
Negative cases in Pennsylvania - 191,374
Number of deaths in Pennsylvania 2,444 -  (an increase of 90)
Cases in Northampton County -  2,214 (94 deaths)

* Total case counts include confirmed and probable cases.

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