Today went better than I anticipated

A double retail first since covid19 reared it's ugly head. I queued & shopped at Tesco's, & Sainsbury's. Very organised, in fact I quite enjoyed not having trollies, & people faffing around in the aisles. I went through an operated checkout in Tesco's, self service in Sainsbury's. Job done! I met Josie in the car park at Sainsbury's, we exchanged goods, she opened the boot of her car, I loaded her runner bean, tomato, & sweet pea plants. I put my shopping bag on the ground she placed my gift of homemade sausage rolls inside, then we had a natter & laugh for about 20 minutes, observing the 2mtr distancing stood by her car ... Now that was weird! No coffee, glass of cider ....
I tweaked my new garden installation ... the 45mile per hour winds tonight will test them that's for sure.

Thanks to carolina  for hosting Mono Monday

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