Prunus Padus Waterii ...

dripping with racemes of sweetly scented blossom, & with the strong winds today dropping petals. The tree is on the roadside just over the perimeter wall of our house, the petals drifting over into the garden floating like confetti.
A wet & windy start to the day, my garden installation performing as I planned, no pieces gone astray.
A gardening free day, I decided to tidy up my pin board, I've been pinning up recipes torn out of magazines that really need to be put in the recipe folder. Looking through the folder, there were recipes that I'd saved over a number of years, some tried, some not, some never will be, so that became the next job ... that took a while. I thought it would be good to try one new recipe a week, I've thought that before .. .LOL!! I'm probably not the only one .. tell me you do it too. Anyway tonight we had one of the dishes, Malaysian roast chicken with coconut, lemongrass & squash, one reason for visiting Tesco's yesterday. I needed coconut milk, & fresh coriander leaf. I have lemongrass growing in the greenhouse. My squash still at the seedling stage but hopefully I will get to make this dish again in the autumn.

Thanks to wrperry for hosting Tiny Tuesday

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