Wanderings & Witterings

By IvarBlipS

Busy buzzy

A productive, yet strangely relaxing, day.

To have a washing and and an ironing done before PopMaster is a rare (dare I use the word 'unprecedented'?) occurrence. Most of the rest of the morning and the bulk of the afternoon was spent in front of the computer - a few more tasks completed, both for the church and also for myself, and also a chance to listen to a lot of music I had been planning to listen to for a while.

I didn't go out for my walk until after 4.30pm and it was a short affair - a little under 3km - with very few photos taken. A large bank of Tuberous comfrey (Symphytum tuberosum - according to the plant identifying app on my phone) looked as if it would provide my daily Blip, and that was confirmed when a large bee came into shot and buzzed between the flowers to have a good feed at many of them.

A Skype call with friends in the evening was less than satisfactory as their Internet connection and my laptop combined to introduce a random, unreliable and distorted combination of picture and sound. We are going to try Facetime next week and see if that improves things.

Beer o'clock!

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