Here and Now

By Mole

White on White

When I saw this white-on-white gauze fabric, it was exactly what I wanted for curtains. This is the first one I made.  It didn't quite work out as I liked, so I tied a wide ribbon into a bow in the middle and now I love it.  The photo was taken in the gray morning low light.  Thanks Carolina for hosting!

With all this free time from C-19, you'd think I'd have the rest of the curtains sewn by now, but, no I do not.  I've been working on other projects at a seeming snail's pace and then mask sewing became a priority.  That's also not done, but I have two waves behind me with one more to go. 

After clearing out another huge stack of accumulated paperwork and nonsense from my desk today (also not done yet!), we cut the grass, began to clean out the shed, and bundled cut branches and sticks.  Mr. M kindly added quite a bit of top soil and compost to our herb/veg garden so I can begin planting when it warms up.  More frost and freezing temps are forecast for this week.

Thank you for visiting and commenting.  I hope your week has started well. 

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