Tulip Time at Childhood's Gate

I had a few things I needed to do in the office, and so I took the opportunity to stop at the Arboretum on my way. From there, I took a quick stroll through our deserted campus. It was the first time I was on campus, other than Arboretum and baby horse visits, since the first week of March. I cannot remember a single April since 1982 that I did not set foot on the main campus side of Park Avenue at all, and I really missed it!

The tulips were at peak when I visited Childhood's Gate this past Saturday, when I lost all of the photos I took due to equipment failure - that may have been a first for me. (And I think you can see why I was so upset to lose all of those photos!)

So I decided that the best thing to do was simply stop at the Arboretum and take MORE photos to replace the ones I lost. I admit I was snap-happy; I took LOTS of pics! So please do enjoy the photo above of Childhood's Gate, looking like a candy store in the springtime.

Campus is particularly lovely this time of year, and it was a beautiful stroll. There are two photos from campus in the extras. I've included a picture of Pattee Library and the tulips in front of it. Someone on my friends list told me this photo looks like a picture postcard. If it were, here is what I would write on the back:

Things are gorgeous here at Penn State. Wish you were here. But when all of this is over, Penn State will be right here waiting for you. <3

I stopped by the duck pond but did not spot any turtles on the rocks. Nearby is a stand of bright pink bleeding heart (Dicentra) plants. As I knelt down for some photos, a bumblebee arrived, and it began to feed on the pretty, heart-shaped-locket blooms. When the wind blew, the bee wrapped its legs around the flower, holding on for dear life. You may see the bumblebee clinging to a pink bloom in the extras.  :-)

I had more than 200 photos to sort through when my day was over, on my brand new memory card. Here is a song that captures my feelings about my little excursion, and all of the things I saw and the photos I got to take on this day: Pharrell Williams, with Happy. I have also come back and added this song, for the little bee who is trying so hard to hold on: ELO, with Hold on Tight (to Your Dreams).

Work-related news of note on this day: Penn State told its employees we should plan to continue to work from home through the end of May.

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