By AFoolOnTheHill

If It Wisnae' Fur Yer Wellies

A Scottish themed blip today as it is a milestone post.

My picture titled Billy Connolly (b. 1942) is a celebratory portrait painted by the Scottish artist John Byrne to commemorate the comedian's 60th year in 2002. In his affectionate and humorous depiction, the artist has included elements that represent the different aspects of Connolly's life and career. The Big Banana Feet shoes, his belt buckle with his nickname "Big Yin" and the laughing figure of Connolly gesturing towards his younger self in the background. Smaller images can be seen of him playing the banjo and running nude, two of the other pastimes for which he has become famous.

Today I listened to "Raintown" the 1987 album by Scottish band Deacon Blue. The album relates to the struggles of urban life in the inner city, the city being Glasgow referenced by the roots of the band and images of Italian-born Scottish photographer Oscar Marzaroli on the cover of the album, depicting the view of a rainy day over Glasgow's West End with the Finnieston Crane featuring prominently. The album is widely praised as Deacon Blue's finest work.

With reference to my 70's concerts, on this day in 1974 I saw Mud, can't recall if they were on their way up or on their way down, just remember they weren't my cup of tea.

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