By IainatCreel

An Orkney Wood!

As many folk know conjuring up an arboreal shot in Orkney is not the easiest; first find your wood.  Then send out the Current Mrs Creel with the camera. 

Earlier CMC returned fae the farm with fresh red eggs.  I went out and picked the asparagus.  Scintillating.  It was Scullion’s day off so we had to serve ourselves.  On his return he indicated he would starch my dickie.

You can now all get a good night’s sleep knowing a new chocolate cake has been conjured up; it makes the statutory tea break so much easier.  It re-energised me to go and cut the grass – it took two hours.  I’ll have to stop using the nail scissors.

Despite the social hiatus that is currently upon us, I am a tad disappointed to find that Stella Rimington has not found time to write to me; or at the very least to tie a note to a passing tramp’s leg.

Are tramps passé nowadays? Their frequency dissolved before our eyes.


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