Old Ranger Hut

I went out early this morning and decided I would try and find the entrance to the field from the estate. I walked the usual walk putting out the treasures then walked right down to the bottom of the estate, there was no entrance. I walked down all paths and I couldn't find it. I live opposite woods and there is a fence all round to protect the flora and fauna. there used to be a ranger but we haven't seen him for 4 years. Last week there were 2 fire engines in the woods, it seems the bat house had been on fire. An upshot of them coming is there is no padlock on the gate so not finding the entrance to the field I thought I would take a wander in the woods. I didn't go far but did walk down the path and got this shot of the derelict ranger hut. It was lovely the birds singing and really quiet. I may try again tomorrow and go further in with my camera. 
Thank you for the comments, stars and hearts on recent blips.

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