Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Essential Trips Only

For my Covid Spring Album.   Seattle buses reduced their schedules and became free around March 20 or so.   Drivers wear masks and gloves,  passengers enter and exit from the rear door.  They are cleaned every night.  I don’t think I’ve seen more than about 2 people on a double bus like this.  But the service is there. 
I do think there is a bit more traffic now..not sure where everyone is going.   DIL says she’d not get on a bus now to go to her work downtown…her employer Amazon has told them they can work at home until October 2nd, while they figure out some rotating schedules.   How different it will be...

Zoom Tai chi today but then I got to roam around with the camera and not think about anything else .  Blue apron dinner.

Extra: at home in my back patio.

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