The second half of life..

By twigs

Day 43 - Clouds

A bit of a lazy blip as I didn't pick the camera up until the sun was already closing in on the horizon.  I did love these clouds though.......a lovely end to a bit of a wild and windy - though very mild - day.

COVID news today - one more confirmed case.  The numbers remain very positive and with this in mind, I suspect a large percentage of the population tuned in to listen to PM Jacinda's announcement about what Level 2 will look like whenever we do move into it.  I guess there were few surprises with most of what she said, though it was surprisingly re-affirming to actually hear it officially.

The underlying principle of level 2 will be "Play it safe". Level 2 will allow us to break out of our bubbles, workplaces will be able to return to a more 'normal' environment, retail outlets will be able to re-open, sports and recreation will be able to resume activites, education establishments will be able to open and domestic travel will be permitted........but with all of these comes the underlying need to continue to 'play it safe', particularly where gatherings and strangers are concerned.  Our borders will remain closed to non-residents.  There are some special requirements - gatherings can be no more than 100; where services such as hairdressers require close proximity, face masks will need to be worn; restaurants will be only be able to cater to seated and separated customers with single-person table service.  The only mildly surprising part to today's announcement was the suggestion that, with such big changes, we may move to Level 2 in a phased manner requiring several steps rather than 1 big one.  All will be revealed on Monday........let's hope in the meantime that the numbers stay low and there are no more deaths.  

Friday tomorrow - goodness how the weeks fly by!

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