The second half of life..

By twigs

Day 44 - One Wonky White Whisker

Minnie seemed to visibly grow in both confidence and acceptance today, all noted as I played with her whilst I did a little garden tidying.  She didn't seem to want to let me out of her sight but she confidently took off to different parts of the garden as I moved around.  I can't believe how much she's grown in the time I've had her......4 weeks tomorrow.  It seems like longer - I'm very happy with where she's at and the growth in her confidence/decrease in her timidity.  I guess the real test will come when we're out of lockdown and 'strangers' can drop in.

Don't you just love that wonky white whisker?!

On COVID news today - 2 more cases, I new one and one that was a suspected case that's been reclassified as confirmed. 90% of people who have had COVID in NZ have now recovered.  Looking good.  Feels like we're in another holding pattern just waiting for Monday's announcement. 

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