The second half of life..

By twigs

Day 45 - Autumn leaves

The leaves are turning more rapidly now, despite the temperature being remarkably mild.  I even spent some time outside this morning in a singlet though, to be fair, I did pop indoors regularly.  Still, with just 6 weeks to mid-winter's day it does feel ridiculously mild.

In COVID news - 1 more confirmed and one more suspected case but with it being the weekend and everyone needing to have a bit of a break over the weekend, there's been no 'offical' information about very much at all.  In some ways I guess that's a good sign - if 'they' were worried they'd be talking to us.  They're also probably spending time reviewing the state of the nation etc with the big announcement due on Monday.....drop to Level 2, remain at Level 3 or a half-way-house (I did read somewhere of someone including a 'go back up to Level 4' as another possibility too!)

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