Anne's Daily Encounters

By dutchdelight

Colorful Tzami from Chania

At midday I found time for my walk of the day, not far out, but into town tho'  and into the harbour where I'd expected to find partition in the EU enterprisers protest of The Empty Chairs ~ to my surprise I didn't find such protest here in Chania! Cretans are quite fierce demonstrators, but not today... 

So I pictured the Turkish Mosque from Chania harbour once more and now a bit different from my earlier pix... I do like it I got its "ears" clear against the sky.
The clouds in the sky did darken the air above Chania and brought rain for the afternoon... welcome that is, as it nourishes the plants and trees!

Today I took just once a rest for 2 hours in the early afternoon (after my walk actually). And it's a special day too, as my grandson turns 2 years of age today and he's made me a granny eversince. I called him and my daughter and tomorrow we'll manage more talks over the phone.

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