Today I was back at work. 

It was busy. It may be quiet tomorrow, of course. 

One different thing - among many - I have noticed about working from home is that sometimes I will be troubled by an email or event which I would not think twice about if I were in the Office with the Team. I reckon I get more time to think, or maybe in the Office I would just say what I think and everyone agrees (except the Goth, who loves to argue black is white). Then it’s over.

Anyway, it happened today. 

Apart from that I took delivery of two bespoke face coverings, in a lovely camouflage material which would be the envy of Trump’s MAGA goons. I did not have any choice of material, but since I did not have to pay I could not argue. I have been asked to make a donation to the local pit bull terrier rescue centre.

Georgia has announced it will open its borders to tourists on 1 July. Meantime, I will need to bite the bullet this weekend and decide if it’s worth paying for a visa to visit Russia at the end of June. At the moment SAS isn’t flying on the routes I’m booked on, so whatever the other issues might be (and there are lots) it looks like another expensive cancellation or postponement.  

My evening took me to Kinghorn Loch. It was quiet, warm, sunny and full-on spring. And there were goslings...

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