By Hillyblips

Clapping for Carers

Clapping for carers - well it is Thursday! The sound of fireworks sounded in the distance over Cheltenham as Hubs too let off a rocket which was quite impressive; he did it though with a stern warning not to scare my deer which excitingly slept in the field last night for the first time. Super to spot them with the binoculars at dusk. 

It was lucky today I was out and about in the garden shooting butterflies when I heard a commotion with the chickens. On turning round I came face to face with a fox. After sizing each other up, me cursing I'd got the wrong lens on, he lolloped off to a safe distance only to turn round again to see if I was following which I was. Hubs had inadvertently forgotten to switch on the electric fence so disaster averted!

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