Here and Now

By Mole

Rusty Finds

It never ceases to amaze me that after digging and planting and moving plants and digging some more, we frequently find more oddball miscellany in the back yard.  I immediately throw out the broken glass chips and bottle pieces so no one gets hurt.  I gathered rusty bits on one of my favorite rocks: parts from a dog tie out, a long nail, and two rectangular bits I can't identify.  Now I can throw them away.  We have a collection of more interesting finds that we keep in the house for the future owners who probably won't care.

Mr Mole asked me to supervise his moving of clumps of perennials.   We (mostly he) started yet another garden along the newish privacy fence, so I will have more flowers for cutting, and something nice to see outside our bedroom windows.  I so appreciate his hard work that is mostly for my benefit.

I keep trying several times a day to capture the robin parents feeding endless worms to the chicks on the edge of the back porch downspout.  Tonight I noticed one chick stand up and spread its wings.  It won't be long until they're out of the nest. 

Have a good evening.  Sending best wishes your way X

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