When I saw Mr. Rainier was visible today, I thought that I would try to make a photo of a mountain abstracted to its essence.  This is the result, which shows the mountain floating in midair, no longer earthbound.

Larry the PT came today so we could practice getting up from a fall, and it was terrifying.  First I had to get down on the floor, of course, and that turned out to be very difficult.  Then I tried getting up, using my heavy wooden chair and kneeling on Minkelina's pillow.  With a lot of struggle I did finally manage to get myself up to sitting on the chair, but the idea of having to do that when alone does not make me feel optimistic.  Larry showed me some exercises to strengthen the muscles I must use to get up and down, and I'll be practicing those until he comes on Tuesday for his last visit.

Manda and Andrew are spending the night and all of tomorrow at the hospital getting themselves and Sam ready to bring him home tomorrow.  If he continues to progress as planned, Max will be going home on Monday.  And then they'll be a family!

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