Robin rescue!

As I was finishing off sorting out last night’s Trail camera videos early this morning, around 7.00 am, there was a thud on the patio window in front of me.
I went outside to see which bird had flown into the glass.
It was there, motionless, on the step.
I gently picked it up and realised it was only stunned so stood there for awhile with it lying in the palm of my hand and waited.
I stroked its head gently and eventually it opened its eyes.
Becoming more aware of it’s surroundings it moved its wings a little, then bit by bit gingerly it stood up and clung to my fingers.
There it stayed even as I bent down and laid my hand on the grass or by a bush.
Stephen brought my phone so I took this photo.
Still no desire to fly nor leave my fingers!
I decided to walk up the garden with my small passenger, and standing near the summerhouse I held my arm straight out and nudged his back carefully.
I am pleased to relate that he, or she, flew off quite happily over the hedge, looking non the worse for the ordeal!
    I like to think that it was one of the robins from the nest on our porch wall who fledged a couple of weeks ago. :-)

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