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Scarecrow Trail

There was a scarecrow trail around our village today to entertain folk on their daily walk!

There were a few out this morning when we went out - I think the one in the middle may have been on the sherry already.

Things are getting seriously boring now - I spent a couple of hours sorting through a box of assorted screws, hooks, wall plugs and miscellaneous hardware. Anything rusty, painty, or lacking at least one matching item was binned along with all the bags they had fallen out of. They are all now stashed away in compartmentalised storage boxes. I suspect there maybe another box or two lurking in the garage that will require sorting :-)

Got a new battery charger for my car - when I was clearing the drive yesterday I needed to move it and when I tried to start the engine it barely turned over.  It did start but it didn’t sound well. I don’t want to be left in the lurch when we are finally allowed out on ‘non-essential’ trips, so will be topping the battery once in a while! Apparently the AA/RAC have been called out to lots of cars failing to start.

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