By Stella2

Coming in to land

We had a relaxed start to the day and a Houseparty meeting with our daughter, son in law and our grandchild.  So lovely to see them, catch up and then see Lucas who is rapidly growing and increasing his skills.  We watched as he was brought in bleary eyed from a sleep and then as he was played with.  He now moves his hands around and talks (well makes noises) while songs such as 'the wheels on a bus' are sung to him.

After lunch I planned to take our other car to a garden centre where I had ordered a small greenhouse type shelving unit to collect using our other car.  My son had just driven off to get the weekly shop and I suppose not surprisingly enough the car has a flat battery.  Fortunately he was back in time for me to head off in the other car which has a new battery.

It wasn't until late in the evening that I decided to go out for a walk and I was very surprised at how warm it was.  Heading to the beach the view was so beautiful the calm sea a rich blue.  A few people were swimming and there was no breeze.  Very few people were about and I slowly walked down to the estuary.  I couldn't bring myself to return home so I headed to White Bridge where I again stood for some time enjoying watching the swallows flying above and under the bridge.  As I was watching, a swan further down the river decided to fly towards me, before landing in the river and heading inland.  These pictures don't capture the beautiful quality of the evening but they are a reminder to me.

Happy VE Day to all the countries commemorating 75 years of the end of WWII

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