By Stella2

Looking down to Ottermouth

We set out for an early morning walk taking our usual route to White Bridge and then along the coastal path.  The birds were singing and more flowers have come out in the past few days as we walked through the local streets.  It was high tide and we could see many large fish gliding along in the water.  There were 6 swallows circling around and diving under the bridge such a lovely sight.  We headed up along the coast path to this view looking back towards Budleigh.  More thrift is in bloom especially in the grass in this area.  Going further up the hill we heard and saw two skylarks in the sky above us.  The weather was rather dull at this point and we even had a spot of rain but as we headed back the sun started to come through.  A lovely walk.

The rest of the day was a mix of various chores and a trip to the allotment to sort out which of the seedlings are rocket and discarding those that aren't.  I hope I got it right.  Some of last years chard was picked, its good to still have some despite the plant being rather large now.  It will soon be the 8.00pm glad for the key workers and then my son is trying to persuade me to cut his hair.  I do have the scissors but haven't really done much for a very long time I just remember watching my Mum cut my Dads.

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