By Stella2

On the beach

Its been a lovely sunny day and we all ventured out to the beach this afternoon.  I had my wide angle lens with me for today's wide Wednesday challenge of enhanced perspective by steveng.  The tide was out and we saw a young Heron wading in the shallow waters of the estuary.

Our son is likely to be loosing his flat in central London as one of them has decided to leave.  The other two would have to find another flatmate at short notice that they get on with.  Given the current circumstances its very unlikely and also difficult to know whether this is a good or bad thing.  Quite worrying times for those in work as their employers grapple with how they plan to get their work force back.  Our son's employers have asked them all what they think of returning to the 22 storey office building in central London.

ps for those who commented on my sourdough loaves made using the wrong flour they were edible but had lost some of their structure.

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