Have Camera Will Travel

By cathy1947

Most expensive loaf of bread ever!

Mr PC got up early for his weekly shopping trip, he left home around 8.30, and didn’t get back until 11’ o clock. So we had a late breakfast out in the Courtyard, we thought Monty was too hot and had gone inside to lie down but we caught him finishing off a 50g bag of fresh yeast. Not knowing if it was harmful we called the vet (Bank holiday) who informed us it could cause alcohol poisoning, bloating and recommended an injection to make him sick, so off they went and it did the trick.

Other news ... I made my VE Day Steak and kidney pie and Mr PC tackled the pond pump ( still not working

Today’s blip another one of my rhododendrons.

Update on Monty, he seems fine, sleeping it off.

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