.....and I was up at sparrows.  It was cold, I couldn't get warm so I leapt out of bed, four layers, beanie, gloves and scarf and drove to City Beach to catch the moon at sunrise.  The radio announced it was 6.7C at 630am.  Brrrr!!  There were people heading for a swim.  I must admit I was a little envious of them.
Anyhow I captured the moon and also myself (in extras).  
I went out to the end of the groyne to take the shot including me, using a remote, and I had a chat to the fisherman who offered me a fishing rod if I felt inclined.  I did laugh as it's an age since I've been fishing.  

I exchanged a couple of texts with Ninniex this morning - she still has some pain but she's able to work her iPad which is great news for her.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day in Australia and New Zealand - happy Mother's Day to all of you out there.

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