Blip No. 3456

If I keep as still as a statue
well behind the window to the garden
I can photograph the crow
(not the pair of magpies, though,
they're far too sharp).

But today, as I press the shutter,
and take one shot of crow --
what do you know? Another crow
photobombs the first: a pair!
They made me laugh.

© Celia Warren 2020

It's been a glorious day - felt like real summer. So warm I dug out my shorts and a cool summer top, and was still too hot at times. Perfect temperature for our afternoon walk, though, that provided so many potential blips. I'm adding three Extras: one is a diptych of the crows above, taken before and after my main blip; another is one of the many dandelion photos I've taken - this one of a field we cross most days.

Today we set off across that field but then turned a different direction when we reached the road. All the lanes around here are so similar, yet each has its own character. The 'new' route we took (i.e. it's some years since Devonian Mr PP explored in this direction, and I'm pretty sure it was totally new to me) led us towards the hamlet of Fuge. Well, barely a hamlet, more a group of houses, mostly barn conversions from when there was a farm there! Still surrounded by beautiful fields and farmland. Just for the record it was the first time I've donned shorts this year. My legs are very white! (My third Extra!) I'm also wearing my faithful - very comfy - sandals that walked me miles and miles around different parts of Australia a year ago. (This time last year we were visiting Sydney's Taronga Zoo.)

Many thanks to admirer for hosting the Silly Saturday challenge.

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