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By Sallymair

If you go down to the woods today.....

Saturday today and the last day of our current spell of warm weather. The forecast was for rain today, which the garden sorely needs, but it held off all day. We're promised a couple of very cold nights with frost in some areas, but at the moment that doesn't seem so likely. We'll see what the morning brings, gardeners all over Scotland are holding off planting out seedlings till this passes.

Saturday already, how the days are flying by. It's over seven weeks since I did any shopping, as those who know me would say, that is very unlikely!! We are so lucky and very grateful to have the girls nearby, to do so on our behalf.

Colin and I went for our walk to Ravelston Woods again today, we can fit a three mile stroll into our hour quite nicely and the woods are beautiful just now and very dry to walk in. They also contain an ancient area of native bluebell woodland (extra). I didn't know that until very recently and as such they are protected. There is also an enormous badger's sett which is very well known and long established. It's frequently used for research purposes. The paths are unimproved and there are lots of interesting places to scramble or walk sedately as one chooses.

We came across this tree on a path which I don't think we had been on before. I thought the arrangement of branches quite extraordinary, it looks like some sort of natural game board.

We chatted with the girls on messenger this afternoon and A came by with our shopping too. I satisfied my well publicised urge to bake by making her some cheese scones, of course I had to test one before giving them to her. Yum! We're having a family Zoom call tomorrow from five different bases... it'll be interesting to see how the little ones manage.

Keep well and safe every body. Stay home, it's not time yet.

Thank you for dropping by my journal, I do appreciate your comments

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