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By Sallymair


I think I said just this week that it was going to be a good year for iris. Here is just a part of my purple iris group. There are a good 3 or 4 heads on each stem so with luck the colours will last for ages. Only around half of the stems are open so far. The first brown iris is starting to show colour, they are usually a couple of weeks behind but are lovely.
The red peonies are beginning to flower, 2 or 3 heads open so far and the white is full of buds. The clematis Montana, both the Ruben's (pink) and the white are in flower. I hope the cold snap doesn't knock things back.
Sunday today, and 10 degrees (centigrade) cooler than yesterday. The thermometer barely made it above 10 all day and it's expected to be cooler tomorrow. Luckily we've escaped the snow and hail others have had.
Two online services this morning, firstly from our own church and then the SEC Provincial Eucharist, this week from Edinburgh so Bishop John. It's Ascension Day this week so an extra service on Thursday from Bishop John too. This lockdown has lasted most of Lent and all of Easter too.
We had a fun 5 way family Zoom chat which lasted the best part of two hours this afternoon, Edinburgh, Leeds and London. Lovely to catch up with everybody and see their faces. The little girls were hilarious, they've really got the hang of this.
Out for quick mile walk after dinner before it got too cold, to post a couple of letters. I haven't watched Boris yet, I'm about to do so. Hope it doesn't give me nightmares.
Thank goodness for Nicola - keep safe everybody, thank you for being part of this wonderful community. Looking forward to real blip meets, but not yet, and not too soon

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