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By Sallymair

All grown up!

Following on from my images of ladybird larvae the other day I was delighted, on the same rose bush to spot a couple of adults. I'm not suggesting they have had a speedy transformation but I am encouraged that the environment is right for them and hopefully there will be some more larvae around soon clearing up my greenfly. This is a seven spot, the other was a five.
I was awoken early by the girls this morning. When Isobel wakes, she immediately wakes her sister who is less than impressed. Eilidh would like to just lie in bed and read but as Isobel cannot read yet, that is not her choice of morning activity. She preferred jumping on beds and playing board games loudly! Still I do enjoy them.
I think they're may be a degree of cupboard love though. Isobel said she's really likes starting at Grandma's as she has cornflakes and a chocolate croissant for breakfast - guilty as charged although to be fair they have only half of a croissant.
I went to Katy's after dropping the girls at school and nursery. They were having a shed delivered and found out on Friday that it was coming today but that they would only deliver it to the kerbside due to covid regulations! Sounds a little like a chip out to me, fortunately it was only a small shed andKaty was able to lift the parts to their front garden.
This afternoon we met again, for coffee, in M&S at Craigleith. They were a large number of very loud ladies there who were making up for their periods of seclusion over the last year. I could hardly hear myself think. I tried and failed to buy some dresses for the girls, hopefully there will be some more arriving soon which will be more to our taste.
The weather was warmer today and for the second night running I'm going to leave the cold frame open. I think I'm going to have to rescue my pots of shallots though, they look like they need swimming lessons they are so water-logged.
Keep safe and well everybody. Edinburgh's numbers have pulled back a bit having drifted over the last few weeks.

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