By HClaireB

Wild garlic

We went for a walk early this morning as the forecast said the weather would deteriorate.  There were so many cars parked where the path crosses the road that we decided to go a different way.  Friday was the first day we saw any cars parked.  People seem to have decided that they have much more freedom to drive to where they want to walk.

We were chatting to a neighbour who said that her two 23 year olds, who have spent the last 7 weeks with her, are itching to get back to London.  They feel that they are not vulnerable and they just want to get on with their lives.  I can't help thinking that "Stay alert" is a very different message from "Stay at home".

Our different walk was lovely.  In the depths of the beech woods, the wild garlic was in full blossom on either side of the path.  It felt like being in an exotic botanical gardens.

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