Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008


Allium ursinum..

I only know one place where these grow within walking distance and thought it was time to visit them, especially as several of you wildflower hunters have already sought them out for blip.  These days ramsons are more often called wild garlic, but I still use the old name as that's what I've always known them as.  A beautiful alternative carpet to woodland bluebells, wonderfully garlic-smelling and yes, you can use them in cooking.

In Extras are another two white flowers: white dead-nettle (lamium album) and garlic mustard (alliaria petiolata).

Today started rather lovely - paler skies but still very warm and bright.  Perfect blipping weather.  I got hot cutting the grass and walking, but now the colder weather's starting to look more serious.  Still, it will come and go and at least we're mostly keeping the sun.

Less people out today and less traffic as well.  Perhaps the police are having an easier time than yesterday.

Keep safe, lovely blippers, have a good evening, and, if you partake, don't forget that as from today we are onto WFW20_07   xx

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