Tigger's Takes

By Tigger101

Spring has unsprung!

What a difference in the weather ...... Winter is back!

It started wet ..... then became grey & the gusty wind is very cold & lazy!

Nipped into the garden to tie up some of the Honeysuckle that the wind was trying to carry off ....... brrrrr ...... didn't stay out any longer than necessary!

Mr Blackbird has been feeding one of his chicks in the garden again today ...... managed to get this photo ..... hope you like it :-)

Apologies for the quality but the light was terrible! "Lack of light" would probably have been a better way to put it!

Thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes yesterday :-))

Soon be time for Boris to "address the Nation" ...... wonder what, if any, changes there will be to the lockdown!

Stay safe everyone :-)

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