Purple Orchid

An interesting morning the successful part of it was jump starting our other car which had a flat battery.  The unsuccessful part was my constructing the grow house outside and putting all the seedlings and young plants on it.  As its a windy day I put the plastic covering around most of it but about half an hour later when my husband went out to tie it to the rear fence it had fallen over.  A few tomato plants lost their pots but the French beans which were very straggly were on the bottom and most of these were broken.  They have all come back indoors now.

In the afternoon I decided to go for a walk to the golf course where I had noticed some purple orchids for todays blip.  It been a warm but windy day so the walk was very enjoyable.  I came across the group of orchids in a spot I had seen them a few years ago.  I laid down on the ground to take these fairly small orchids and a few minutes later was spotted by a dog that wouldn't stop barking at me.  I hung around in the area for some more shots once his owner appeared and took him away.  I'm not sure whether this is an Early Purple Orchid or a Green winged Orchid because of the vein colouring and the helmet like appearance of the sepals and petals, or a hybrid.  The leaves are green. I then walked back along part of the coastal path fortunately not meeting up with many other walkers and came back via one of the paths into town walking along streets I hadn't explored before.

We had a Prime Ministers announcement this evening, Construction and Industry can go back to work on Monday while those that can work from home should remain doing so.   From Wednesday we can go out for an unlimited time to exercise and can drive to exercise. We now have to Stay Alert, Control the Virus and Save Lives but Scotland, NI and Wales are sticking with the message Stay at Home.  Very confusing this new message.

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