Onwards and upwards....

By Yana1

1977. White/Pink Bells

Bear with me on this...in my favourite game (Animal Crossing: New Horizons) you have to deliberately plant flowers of the same type but different colours in order to grow hybrids and this photo reminded me a lot of that!  I loved the pink/white colour of these flowers and there were bluebells next to them...are they bluebells too...even though they’re not blue?  Forgive my silly question but I know nothing about plants and flowers!

Morning walk out and about snapping photos of flowers and this time I caught a wee bee on a bush too...not a very clear picture as I had to zoom in on my phone but I got a photo that is recognisable as a bee!

I am watching and waiting for stuff to kick off with the news from England about changing of the rules and this new silly slogan “Stay Alert” as people gather in huge numbers in parks to have BBQ’s and to sunbathe with all of their relatives..whilst trying to keep 2m apart (if possible says our PM) so as the parks and beauty spots will now be overwhelmed with people doing just that I’m guessing that the 2m apart will not be possible...how stupid could the guidance get after all those deaths and all that people have had to endure...only to see what potentially could be a massive rise in infection rates.  I am beyond angry at how this is moving and hope that the majority of people stick to the “Stay at Home” part of the original guidance.

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