Granny Click Click!

By Yana1

1976. Clematis

I spotted this in the car park of the hotel at the rear of our complex which has been closed for weeks now.  We headed out for our usual walk this afternoon after doing the housework this morning.  Lots of flowers to photograph this afternoon on what was a cool but pleasant walk.

Spoke to my youngest on the phone this afternoon and he seems to be doing that’s all of our spinning plates spinning happily(ish) at the moment...long may it continue.

Settled down to watch the briefing from our First Minister and saw that she was very unhappy that she had to read about the proposed changes to the message from our idiot Prime Minister in a Sunday newspaper and that no information or discussion had involved the devolved governments.  So what exactly does “Stay Alert” mean?  Do the conga, have a party with your neighbours, sunbathe in the park?  Probably all of these these people not realise that every one of the 30,000+ people who have died were real people not statistics or collateral damage?  Thank goodness that here in Scotland the “Stay at Home” message is still in place and the only change from tomorrow is that we can exercise more than once a day but near to home and not for hours.  I can see that the writing is on the wall for this one, “Stay alert” will mean, do what you want but be go out meet people, travel by car, bus or whatever and pray you don’t catch the virus because if you do, you weren’t being “alert” enough.  We are doomed to even more senseless deaths and that makes me very angry....the UK already seems to have the highest number of deaths per capita in Europe and only the USA has had more deaths than us...what a badge of honour to wear...

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