Cats and Ramblings

By RosieandRoo


I’m starting a fresh with this journal, I managed to gain access to my old one but have since decided that as that journal tells a story of a different time, and a different me, I will stick with this one and turn a new leaf.

I have been with my partner Rachel for two and a half years now, you won’t have seen her because I’ve never posted her, she will be on here at some point.

She’s a darling, a normal, well headed, kind hearted darling who keeps me right and shows me what I’ve been doing wrong all these years.

I am working for a good company and my heart is full with some friends that I feel like I’ve had forever and I’m happy. Which is so good to be able to say after a wobbly 10 years.

This is our Star Trek corner, we are busy refurbishing at the moment because we have just moved and obviously with Covid-19 we are unable to get WiFi in, or sort out the house so we are simply doing what we can.

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