Lost in Thought

By steveng

High Key High Tension (MM329)

I was outside this morning trying to finish off waxing the car while listening to a podcast of The Life Scientific - this one was Jim McDonald on power networks. When we were out for our walk this afternoon I decided to follow on with a blip of something networks related and chose this power line pole and transformer.  Probably the supply for a mobile cell site a few metres along the track we walk.   Possibly an example of how in network engineering,  boring is good,  in that its not a sport where the outcome needs to be in doubt.  Life would be much more exciting if we lived somewhere the electricity, gas, telecoms, broadcast and water networks were less reliable than they are.  It just does not make for a good selling point when trying to get young people interested in engineering as a career.

Thanks to Carolina for hosting Mono Monday on outside high key.

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