Lost in Thought

By steveng

Herb Robert (TT258 & WFW20_07)

Only 2000 steps today as I have had one of my achilleas tendons quite sore for the past few weeks and possibly overdid the stretching exercises yesterday.  So not venturing far ... this Herb Robert is growing in a corner at the bottom of our garage wall,  I suspect it will have to go as I can't see Gill liking the idea of a potentially invasive plant right next to the garden gate.  If I can get it out with the roots attached, perhaps it can find a new home in the railway cutting :-)

Photographed with off camera flash as I let the light fade and it has been a while since I had a play with the toys :-)

After our government's masterclass in how not to communicate I have had an email from the Northumberland National Park asking potential visitors to stay away ... and this was after Hancock's half hour had said it was ok to drive as far as we liked to take exercise.  I give up!

Thanks to wrperry for hosting Tiny Tuesday and Miranda1008 for Wild flower week.

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