The War of the Oranges

These two male Baltimore Orioles cannot stand each other and have been entertaining us with wrestling and flights the speed of the Concorde, zooming after each other, all for the love of the one female.

I'm assuming the more yellow fellow is a young male and the other brilliant orange chap is a commanding adult. They are after each other all day long, so flashy and fast that it's been impossible to get photos of their follies and flights. She's busy weaving her nest, oblivious to the combat in the skies, bushes, and patio wrestling!

Last year at this time T and I, Memories4me and five other wonderful friends affectionately called the Irish Rovers  were embarking on our first day of adventures on the West Coast of beautiful Ireland. It was honestly a trip of a lifetime for our souls and a feast for our eyes. Thank goodness it was last year and not today. If you go back in time to my one year ago shot you will see one of my favorite portraits from the trip. 

For the Record,
This day came in warm and sunny with clouds arriving and now rain!

All hands wary

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