Gloire Djon.

Glory Rose I have had this rose in the ground for 3 years and it has never attempted to bring forth a rose~~~~~~~~~~~~ This year I have five I think this rose only does it once a year, as I remember Rosiecatwoman telling me that this was after the war WW2 I think not sure but it was to celebrate the end of the war. it has a fine scent very pleasant not over powering. So glad it made it this year, lets hope it has it's feet down in the ground at last.
Just to let you know, Today In the great winds ,I walked down the garden.
no where near the bees~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ when in a big gust whoosh! I don't know if it was one of mine,but a Bee was BLOWN into my right nostril her head went straight in and her curved back end stung me in the bit of your nose between your nostrils.shocked and surprised I ran up my path the bee was now on my head buzzing furiously, so shaking my head ( it is a wonder I didn't lose my glasses )Well at last shaking my head and rubbing my fingers in my hair I saw it fly off. so in doors now get the stinger out.then I took another Piriton washed the area then pat dry and put Anthisan cream on to calm the area. so lip bit swollen nose on the start to swell. but it calmed down so I thought it to be ok. the bee was not on the attack just blown of course and into the convenient space my nostril.. will let you know tomorrow how it  developes.

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